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Who are the Jesuits?

According to the Thirty Second General Congregation of the Society of Jesus, a Jesuit is a sinner yet called by God to be His son’s disciple. In other words, a Jesuit is someone so captured by the love of God that he becomes indifferent wherever that love might lead him. Better still, a Jesuit is a man on a perpetual mission: his house is sited in the heart of the world. Gauging his values in accordance with the Gospel, he endeavours to make a radical difference in his world.

African Proverbs

It is the tree with branches that makes the climber an expert.

What is born of a snake cannot avoid an elongated neck.

A child that washes his/her hands clean with dine with the elders.

Prayer for the Week

God Bless the World
Mighty God, Father of all
Compassionate God, Mother of all
Bless every person I have met,
Every face I have seen, Every voice I have heard,
Especially those most dear; Bless every city, town,
and Street that I have known,
Bless every sight I have seen,
Every sound I have heard,
Every object I have touched.
In some mysterious way these
Have all fashioned my life;
All that I am, I have received.
Great God, bless the world.

- John J. Morris, SJ



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