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March 9, Evuen - Jesuits of North-West Africa Province | Society of Jesus



Thursday, First Week of Lent

March 8, 2017


Est C: 12. 14-16. 23-25/ Ps 138: 1-2ab. 2cde-3. 7c-8/ Mt 7: 7-12

by *Mrs. Grace Evuen 


In the first reading, Queen Esther displayed what a real Christian should do when faced with crippling crisis that brings fear and anxiety, she pleaded with God first, before pleading with the king [with the right disposition-repentance humility and fasting], and it was evident in her prayers that  she felt quite alone except for the presence of God.

Nothing does more in prayer than the awareness of one’s utter and total hopelessness. Most times, we become too passive in prayer. Today, we see Queen Esther being jolted from complacency and she realized no earthly power can give her the help needed. She addressed her heart-rendering cry to God, and God answered her and saved her from certain death.

 Our journey through the season of Lent is designed to bring us to a deeper awareness that we are all in a predicament similar to Esther's. We are all individually and communally in mortal danger and faced with a choice of life and death, and the truth is that we do not have what it takes on our own to choose life without reservation, and most times, we choose half-heartedly; however, we make better choices when we cling to God in utter dependence.

Queen Esther trusted in God’s providential love for her people and built her faith. Empowered by her prayer, she spoke courageously and she prevailed. She asked for eloquence and favour and God answered her. She didn’t cave into her fear. Instead, she fixed her focus on God and his power to save her people and He did!!!       PRAISE GOD!!.

Like Esther, we live with great expectations from God, because He loves to do amazing things through average people with worries and weaknesses like you and me. All we need, is to stand firm in faith, when our emotions or crisis threaten to overwhelm us.

He still works in us and through us if we are willing to do the following;

    • Repent
    • Pray, as if our lives depended on it (utter dependence)
    • Have faith in God, who we are petitioning-It is faith that tells us that there is God,-the lord of all-,only people who believe ask God, seek His presence and knock at the door of His graciousness
    • Persevere
    • Trust in God’s providence

In the Gospel, Jesus wants us to seek God in our prayers, to knock on His door, to ask for what we need or desire in alignment to His will and most importantly, to have a faith that does justice. Jesus affirms the value of heartfelt prayer and also expands our notion of God’s generosity that far exceeds that of human nature.


O LORD , as we lift up our nation to you in distress, please forgive our sins and cleanse us from our iniquities, strengthen our faith and trust in you, that we may ask, seek, and knock  with perseverance, open our eyes and hands to the needs of others… AMEN


*Mrs. Grace Evuen is a member of the Ignatian Spirituality group at the Jesuit run Christ the King Catholic Church at Illsamaja in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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