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Poem Odey - Jesuits of North-West Africa Province | Society of Jesus

Gratitude Magazine March 2015 Edition

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This Place (A Poem)

Fr. Kevin Odey, SJ

This place3
















This place
Below and beyond
A beautiful place
Los Angeles from Loyola MaryMount
Grey-green, light-blue Ocean, the sky undifferentiated
Spans, spans the west.

From the coastline
Towards the horizon
A beautiful city arises
Spreading undulating down south
With a kiss of the mountain range, its fortress.

The mountains meet the sky
Where the restless clouds play and dance
To the whispering palms
To the gentle breeze
To the warm wind, sparing no rains
The sunrise from the east.

I feel a unique presence
A still voice calling, calling
Calling me to draw closer
Wonderful, how wonderful
But I’m afraid
My frailty stands before me, between us
So I resist.

In the hush of my heart, the flower
A butterfly flips, flips and flies
Ashes dispel, dispelled away
The sun rises
Colors emerge
Coldness die to cordiality
Darkness swallowed by dainty
As thorns are broken by beauty

“Here I am, Lord”
I surrender
To your joy, the Ocean
To your holiness, the mountains
To your love, the butterfly
To your grandeur, the skies
To your warmth, the sunrise
To your voice, the whispers

Lost in you
I’m yours, all yours
So, what do you ask of me?
Simple, so simple
To be my friend
To give you my heart
To make a home

                       Annual Retreat @LMU/LA, 2014


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