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Gratitude Magazine March 2015 Edition

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Development Office of the North-West Africa Province

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

An African proverb says, “The one who says thank you for a favor received stands another chance to receive more favors.” Thank you for your spiritual and financial support of the Jesuits of the North-West Africa Province.

Ours is a Province enormously blessed with booming vocations. Over 80 percent of the men in our province are in various stages of the formation process (Jesuit training and education). We have 67 seminarians and 24 priests in the first five years of their ordination.
Jesuit formation spans more than 10 years and continues even after priestly ordination. It alternates between periods of academic study and hands-on ministerial and teaching experience.

Invariably, this extensive education and training is also expensive. To address this priority, the ANW Jesuit Development Office has a mandate to raise the needed money for this formation. The average annual cost per Jesuit is US$25, 000.

We kindly seek your prayers and financial support to train the next generation of Jesuit pastors, teachers, theologians, researchers, writers, preachers, counselors, chaplains, social workers, and retreat directors. These men, in collaboration with our lay companions, will further God’s kingdom of justice and peace in the world.
May God bless and reward you abundantly for your generous support!

To help with the education and training of Jesuits, please make a your contribution.

Director of Development

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